Christian Texts

Updated: October 5, 2014

Many of the first texts recorded in Kalanga were translations of the bible, catechisms and hymns done by collaboration of native speakers and Christian religious leaders. That tradition continues today — in particular see the work of the Mukani Action Campaign.

Soon, we plan to post the 1929 translation, with updated orthography. Here’s a sample. Here’s a sample of a children’s bible. At the Joshua Project page for Kalanga (half-way down), audio bible recordings and download are available, as well as the Jesus Project in Kalanga.  A dramatized audio version of the New Testament is available for download for a fee from e-music.  There is also a Kalanga version of the Jesus Film.

Bibliography in chronological order (see also Mukani and partners)

Ndebo mbuya ya ka nyoliwa nge Matu wa ka engemala (1904). British and Foreign Bible Society. 150pp. —Translated by Rev. J. H. Cullen Reed, London Missionary Society, with local help. Revised by Monwa Tjuma, printed by B.F.B.S. in 1924, but never bound or issued.

Katekisma (1904). London Missionary Society. 32pp. —“Sekalaña” Catechism, prepared by J.H.C. Reed.

Gwaba li no mba a no boka Mlimo ngelulimi gwe Kalaña (1920). London Missionary Society. 95 pp. —Hymn book by J.H.C. Reed with 96 hymns adapted principally from Setswana.

Ndebo mbuya yobuhe gwe ndzimu (1929). London: British and Foreign Bible Society. 228 pp. — the four gospels and Acts of the Apostles prepared by Rev. J. Whiteside and local assistants.  Disjunctive word-division.  Reprinted (revised?) 1942.

Njimbo dzi no kudza Ndzimu nge lulumi gwa Bakalanga (1945). Tiger Kloof Institution, Cape Province, South Africa: London Missionary Society. 22 pp. — 99 hymns. Reprinted 1953.  2nd edition 1967; reprinted 1981, 1988, reprinted 2000 (E.L.D. Trust, Johnannesburg).

Njimbo dzi no kudza Ndzimu nge lulumi gwa Bakalanga (1971), ed. Tonic Solfa. Johannesburg; Gaborone: United Congregational Church of Southern Africa. 130 pp. — Kalanga hymns.

Series “What the Bible Tells Us in Kalanga” (1987), Bible Society of Botswana —5 booklets with gospel stories.

Ndebo Mbuya: The New Testament of the Bible in Kalanga (1999). Gaborone, Botswana: The Bible Society of Botswana. 545 pp. — some iinitially published in separate books (Mark and James, 1993).

Ndebo Mbuya ne njimbo (2008). Gaborone: Bible Society of Botswana. 823 p. — New Testament with songs.

A series of articles online by the Jehovah’s Witnesses (2008).

The Bible Society of Botswana is currently working on a translation of the Old Testament.