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Updated: April 8, 2017


The Kalanga Language and Cultural Development Association (KLCDA) is a membership umbrella body whose main thrust is to coordinate and facilitate the development and growth of TjiKalanga language and Culture in Kalanga Communities. The organisation seeks to position the language and culture as a key contributor to broader societal development. KLCDA was founded in 2005 and registered in 2010 deed registration number CF51/2010.

The organisation’s programming targets Kalanga Communities, schools in Kalanga speaking areas and tertiary institutions offering Kalanga programmes. KLCDA is a successor to earlier attempts through predecessor organizations such as the Kalanga Language Promotion Society which was started in 1980 under the chairmanship of Million Nsala Malaba. There were other follow up organizations such as Bulilimamangwe Development Association (BUDA) and umbrella body attempt of Venda-Tonga-Kalanga (VETOKA).  Revived efforts after 2000 brought great fruit, including the founding of the KLCDA in 2005, its registration in 2010.


KLCDA envisions a revived and thriving TjiKalanga language and culture which effectively contributes to and drives socio-economic development


KLCDA is an umbrella coordinating body which exists to promote the development and growth of TjiKalanga language and culture in education, media and public sphere for its effective contribution to the socio-economic development of society.


KLCDA, its members and affiliates subscribe to the following values and principles;

  • Bunhu (Humility)

  • Hoko inabhe (Transparency and Accountability)

  • Zwipila (Commitment)

  • Bunyambi (Innovation and Creativity)


  • To promote the teaching of Kalanga in schools, colleges and universities.

  • To promote and assist in the development, production and translation of literature for use in the education system and any other societal spheres of influence

  • To encourage the use of Kalanga in everyday life including but not limited to print and electronic media, information technology, and religious services.

  • To promote the revival and practicing of Kalanga culture through cultural festivals, collection of artifacts and historical documentation.

  • To network with other organisations of similar objectives in Zimbabwe and the world over.

  • To work closely with the government of Zimbabwe in achieving the above     


The following types of membership are open for KLCDA;

Download KLCDA Membership Form Here MEMBERSHIP FORM KLCDA Dec 2015
  1. Ordinary Membership

Ordinary membership is open to individuals who are willing to be part of the association and subscribe to its values, principles and objectives. An ordinary member can vote and be voted into KLCDA organs at an AGM.  Membership subscription for ordinary members is currently $10.00 per year.

  1. Family Membership

Family membership is when one joins KLCDA together with one’s spouse (husband or wife). Family members have the same benefits and powers as ordinary members. Membership subscription for family membership is currently $15.00 per year.

  1. Pensioner Membership

Pensioner members are the elderly who are above 65 years who want to join KLCDA.  Pensioner members may vote and be elected to KLCDA structures subject to AGM resolution according to section 4 of the KLCDA constitution. The membership subscription for pensioner members is currently $5.00 per year.

  1. Diaspora Membership

Diaspora members are those who reside outside Zimbabwe but are willing to join the association. Diaspora members have a priviledge to vote by proxy at AGM and have all other benefits due to an ordinary member. Membership subscription is currently $10.00 per year.

  1. Junior Membership

Junior membership is open to children as well as students who want to be members of the association. Junior members are not eligible to vote or to be elected into KLCDA structures at an AGM. They have other benefits which includes participation in KLCDA organised trips, activities and access to books at subsidised prices. Membership Subscription for junior members is currently $2.00 per year.

  1. Corporate Associate

Corporate Associate membership is open to corporate institutions, businesses, organisations and groups who want to be associated with the Kalanga Language and contribute to the development of TjiKalanga through KLCDA. Annual Subscription for Corporate Associate membership is currently $100.00 per year.

Leadership and Governance

KLCDA is governed by the following structures which serve different purposes and have oversight over each other. These work according to various governance and administrative frameworks of the association which includes the Constitution, Organisational Policies and Procedures Manuals.

  • Trustees

Trustees are the custodians of the association and the AGM. The powers of the Association shall be vested in three Trustees. Trustees are appointed at a General Meeting from amongst the membership of the association whenever there is a vacancy.

The current Trustees of KLCDA are: Anderson Sole Moyo, Clement Majahana, Saul Gwakuba Ndlovu,

  • Executive Committee

The executive Committee is responsible for the control of the Association and the administration of its business and implementation of AGM resolutions and decisions. The Executive committee also has subcommittees that are responsible for Organising and Publicity, Education and Writers, Festivals and Functions and Finance and Fundraising whose chairpersons sit in the Executive Committee.

The Current Executive Committee members are:

Chairman: Amb Mabed Ngulani

Vice Chairperson: Silusweyinkosi Mhlanga  

Treasurer: Lobhengula Dube

Secretary: Ntandoyenkosi Dumani

Vice – Secretary: Lydia Maphosa

Finance and Fundraising: Fanisani Dube

 Education and Writers: Tshonono Tshuma

Organising and Publicity: Fletcher Dube

 Festivals and Functions: Sotsha Moyo

  • Grassroots Committees

The Grassroots committees are responsible for promoting the development of TjiKalanga in Kalanga speaking communities from district to ward down to village level. These include both rural and urban grassroots communities

  • Secretariat

The secretariat is responsible for the day to day running of the association including implementation of programs and projects of KLCDA. The Secretary of the Executive Committee is the head of secretariat.


Download KLCDA Constitution here
Download KLCDA Strategic Plan here
Download KLCDA Membership form here 
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