KLDCA opens office in Bulawayo and plans festival

Updated: June 1, 2013

The Kalanga Language and Cultural Development Association has set up an office at the corner of George Silundika Street & 11th Ave. (KWIK PHONE Building) Bulawayo.

A Matabele South Provincial Cultural Festival is planned  for Masendu in Bulilima on the 24th May 2013. KLCDA is planning the Khami “Palace” Festival sometime in mid August 2013, while the Domboshaba Festival in Botswana will be held on the last week of September. More details will be posted soon.

All official communication to Kalanga Language and Cultural Development Association  should be directed to [email protected].  Please email your plans, dreams , aspiration etc, about the association. Share the news from your corner that you want baKalanga to know. Help your association to build a database of baKalanga. The staff behind [email protected] be able to efficiently  respond to all your queries and questions on issues that relate to tjiKalanga, baKalanga, buKalanga and the planned Khami Festival.

www.kalanga.org is the official KLCDA website.  Contributions to the official website of should be sent to [email protected]   Your support will be welcome.


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