BuKalanga Development Agency by Emmanuel Moyo

Updated: October 7, 2021
Welcome to BuKalanga National Development Agency. A Non-Profit Company (NPC No. 2020/515794/08), BKNDA is a development organization whose primary objectives are the unapologetic Advancement and Development of the Great Kalanga Nation and TjiKalanga Language.
BKNDA areas of focus are Education, TjiKalanga Language, and Science and Technology Development, Economic Empowerment, and the Full Enjoyment of the Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms of BaKalanga as enshrined in the Declaration of Rights of the Constitution of Zimbabwe and International Law.
Our Key Projects are the Establishment of the Bulilima-Mangwe Institute of Technology (BMIT); supporting the Plumtree Polytechnic Project; Establishment of a Successful Scholarship for the Brightest and Finest of Kalanga Children; Development and Teaching of TjiKalanga Language into a Language of Government, Business, Education and Science and Technology;
Researching Economic Opportunities and Ensuring that BaKalanga are Key Beneficiaries in our Homeland; Priority Employment of BaKalanga in Kalanga Territories; and Fighting for Linguistic Federalism in Zimbabwe and Matebeleland
And ensuring that BaKalanga have their own Prosperous Province where TjiKalanga is the First Language by no later than 2040, made up of the Bulilima-Mangwe, Matobo, and Tjolotjo Districts and those parts of Umguza from and to the west of the Khami Ruins.
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Association, please sign-up by completing the form provided in the link. (Please note that by signing-up you are signing up for membership in the Agency and not joining a WhatsApp group. That shall be provided to admitted members).
Toboka. Titi ku Tjaba tje BuKalanga: Yakabe Ili Whotamo, Yatjibe Whenga Makole.
BuKalanga National Development Agency Membership Form

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