Annual Dombashaba Festival of Culture and History

Updated: November 11, 2012

Kalanga Festival dancers at the foot of Domboshaba ruins

The annual Dombashaba Festival of Culture and History, which has been held since 2000, will be held from 28th to 30th September this year near the Dombashaba ruins north of Francistown. The first day will see Bakalanga congregating at the Kalakamati kgotla for a variety of activities including listening to Kalanga folktales and taking lessons on the reading of the language.

This session will also include the performance of the various types of traditional Kalanga music and dance. Traditional cuisine will also be on display. The highlight of the festival will be on Saturday the 29th. As usual, also available will be cultural exhibits, Kalanga literature, poetry, music and dance.

On September 30th is the annual Nswazwi Marathon from Tjizwina to Nswazwi, while the veteran musician Ndingo Johwa will lead Bakalanga in the contemporary music show slated for October 1st at Domboshaba.

For more info, see the programme schedule (pdf).


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