Winani Winnie Sekani: Moroka Is Where I Am From

Updated: September 11, 2012

by Bird Chan  — reprinted from iBotswana.co.bw

Winnie ‘Marco’ Sekani is the third born of four siblings raised by a single mother. Though she grew up in Gaborone, she hails from the village of Moroka; north of Botswana. Not only is this young lady a proud Kalanga but she speaks of the North with passion and vision. ‘Marco’ as she is affectionately known by those that she plays softball with; explains that the name came about because of her body size and speed during the games and because it’s a strong brand she does not mind.
She is currently the assistant Captain of the Botswana Senior Women`s National Team. She also added that she has been playing third base for the teams like BDF and Police for the past ten years. “I have represented Botswana Softball Association in Southern Africa and at International games like in the Caracas for Woman’s Championships 2010 in Venezuela”, she said.

Truly a woman of diverse talents. Sekani takes IBotswana through her journey in music, from singing in the school choir, church choir to the point where she noticed a loop hole in the market; to promote her own Kalanga culture. She together with her older sister Kudzani Sekani, they identified Afro Jazz as their ardor in expressing themselves and promoting their culture. They began putting their dream together with the name ‘Kanvuthu’ (meaning home) as their identity. With lyrics jotted down on paper and their vocal cords prepared; the duo produced the popular hit ‘Londolozela’ which took the airwaves by storm and was also performed on BTV`s Mokaragana programme.

Sekani stressed the challenges they faced from money to recording tracks, mastering and actually selling their produce. But she is quick to note that after the first album they had become wiser because of their past experiences so through divine connections they managed to give Batswana the single “Lorato” which a video was immediately shot. “This is when doors started opening for us as through the South African High Commission in Botswana we went to perform at the Culture and Heritage 2011 celebrations in the Eastern Cape, South Africa”, she said. She has sang alongside big names such as Ndingo Jhowa, Lister Boleseng and has graced events like the Domboshaba Annual event, SA High Commission Tourism and Culture Gala Dinner 2011, Botswana National Sports Council Awards 2012 and SA High Commission Child Anti-Child trafficking Seminar 2012 to name but a few.

Winnie`s take on the music industry is that it needs someone who is hardworking, self motivated as not everyone will believe in your vision, a go-getter and the willingness to spend a little so that the public gets familiarized with your face and music. She believes that everyone with the passion can do it but “you need those that you can trust for support and advice as not everything will be smooth sail”, she added. Winnie dreams of being a role model that aspiring young Batswana could look up to not only in music but in sports also but she stresses that education is important as she is currently continuing her studies doing AAT.


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