Notice of KLCDA Annual General Meeting

Updated: March 21, 2015

Kalanga Language and Cultural Development Association

Notice of Annual General Meeting


DATE: Saturday, 28 March 2015  —  10:00 am

VENUE:  Plumtree High School Hall


In terms of Section 11.1 of the KLCDA Constitution, AGM shall be held on or before 31st March in each year.

This is the first AGM since our elective General meeting of 20 February 2010 where interim Board Members and Executive Committee members were appointed


1. Opening prayer

2. Welcome remarks and introductions

4. Kalanga Association profile and overview (reports)

– Chairman’s Report

5. Emerging issues (discursive)

(a) Teaching of TjiKalanga in schools, colleges & Universities

(b) Publishing & selling of books (+ Dictionary project)

(c) Writing of Kalanga books (Form 1-4, Novels, poetry etc.)

(e) Bible translation

(f) Cultural Festivals

(g) Online or Kalanga in IT

(h) Finance & Fundraising

6. Adoption of resolutions

7. Leadership

(a) Confirmation of Trustees

(b) Appointment of Patron

(c) Election of Board Members

(d) Election of Executive committee

(e) Appointment of Portfolio committees

(i) Education (ii) Culture (iii) Fundraising (iv) Publicity

(f) Grassroots committees

8. Next AGM


www.kalanga.org        Email: [email protected]

Contacts: Divine +263 77 2610726 / Selu +263 77 370 0980


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