Ndingo Johwa at Supa Ngwao

Updated: October 5, 2014

by Shingirai Madondo, reprinted from theVoiceBW

Ndingo Johwa at Supa Ngwao

Legendary Ika-jazz maestro Ndingo Johwa on Sunday night serenaded his fans at Supa Ngwao Museum in Francistown.

With the Independence celebratory mood gripping the country’s second largest city, the show was slated for the museum for fans to enjoy the holidays.

Johwa, a man who has been in the music industry for a substantial period of time, is one of the few musicians singing in the Kalanga language. And this has made him a darling to the Kalanga speaking fans.

A lot of the players in the music industry especially from the northern part of the country hardly sing in their own language.

The issue of language and acoustic sound of the Kalanga jazz music has propelled the ageing singer to high levels. Alongside his two dancing queens, Johwa’s shows have always been most attended gigs especially North of Debete.

The show at Supa Ngwao is likely to turnaround the museum into a entertainment centre of choice for artwork and music lovers.

From Supa Ngwao, Johwa will perform at Tutume, Masunga and Nkange.


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