Makungulupeswa Adds Sports Wear to Clothing Range

Updated: September 9, 2012
BY MOTHUSI JOWAWA —Reprinted from ibotswana.co.bw
Nshakashobgwe Youngstars Players shows off in their new Makungulupeswa kit

Nshakashobgwe Youngstars Players shows off in their new Makungulupeswa kit. Photo: M. Jowawa

The popular Ikalanga Clothing line shot to fame in 2006 with a cultural preservation concept of the term Makungulupeswa Gear. The intension is to get the audience’s attention to the rich Ikalanga language spoken in proverbs, hence the term Makungulupeswa translates into proverbs in English.

Each product of mostly T-Shirts in all forms and Sweaters has specific proverbs which are easily consumed by the customer and those around them as well as create the urge to learn more proverbs. “The response has been very good from the people across the language divide who find the whole thing amusing and really worth following. We are doing particularly well in the Northern region of the country because that is where the Ikalanga language is dominant,” Makungulupeswa Investment CEO Dimakatso Kebuang said.

The clothing line has recently enjoyed remarkable success during the festive season when they entered into agreements with a total of 6 village teams from Maitebgwe, Senete, Tutume and Nshakashobgwe. These teams received 2 complete sets of home and away kits as well as bottled water for every game.The kit is branded IKAPRO-shortform of Ikalanga Proverbs and the fans were not forgotten either as they also had team replicas which they festively bought to throw their full weight behind their teams.

“I cannot really express my happiness at this partnership which came at the right time. My players are so proud and I am very sure that we are going to win this tournament. Our support is guaranteed and we will make sure we act as the best ambassadors for the brand,” the coach of Nshakashobgwe Young Stars Ndweni Foster said during the team’s first game. The team was the envy of all the other 6 participating teams and went on to win the tournament a trend which was the festive order in all the villages with sponsored teams.

The teams also received bottled water produced by Makungulupeswa Investment. The water brand which is currently being piloted is known as Dusa Nyota- Usife Tjipkhwizi (Quench your thirst-Don’t die like a sheep) and the catch for the product is on the various animal totems which are respected by the Bakalanga people as well as how the men and women are addressed according to their totems.

“We are looking at the sky and beyond and with the kind of support so far, the belief is that we will in no time achieve our goal of sharing and preserving the Ikalanga language while at the same time improving the lives of our people. We will continue working with the teams we piloted with and with resources permitting add more teams,” said Chose Ntsheme, the Production Director of Makungulupeswa


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