Dinkwe Nkgoga group releases Kalanga song

Updated: November 11, 2012
by Pini Bothoko, Reprinted from Mmegi Online

FRANCISTOWN: Dinkgwe Nkgoga, a popular traditional group based in Francistown start its national tour from this Friday in Tutume until January 5 next year, group leader, Ontiretse “Nthinthi” Bakaile has announced.

In an interview with Mmegi he revealed that they have released a six-track album titled “Ma Africa” which they will be introducing during the tour. The title track talks about the people of Africa, their lifestyle and acts of heroism on the continent.

Bakaile said the album has a Kalanga song, entitled “Dumilani” and they are symbolically starting their tour in Tutume as a way of introducing the song to the Kalanga tribe.”It is the first time our group composed a Kalanga song.  We have decided that since we are a group based in the city of Bakalanga we should compose a song in their language, ” he said. He said the group, which was formed in 2007 released their first album that year and “Ma Africa” is their second album so far.

Bakaile said they would be at Tutume Dark in Club for their CD launch from 7pm where they will also be selling their album in compact discs. “We are calling on Tutume and surrounding areas to come and enjoy our new dance style of Kalanga which we are not known of, and promise the best security ever, ” he said.

He said they will be featuring Alfredo Mos, Lesh Da Lotty-Boy, Mazinganda.com, DJ Zola and MC P.O.P.O and with the same line-up they will be back in Francistown at BOCCIM Hall. “After Francistown show we will spread to the whole nation and promise our fans to be prepared for the new album and our new Kalanga dance style, ” said Bakaile.

Bakaile said the nine-member group of three women and six men are well known of performing and singing Tsutsube, Setapa, Borakana and Phatisi only and this time around they are coming up with a new dance and performance of Hosana of Kalanga tribe.

“The album has six tracks namely “Dumilani”, “Ko koo” “Ma Africa”, “Dikepese” “Jonase” and  “Bo ngwanake”. “Ko koo” is a knock at the door and Bakaile said this is a way of re-introducing themselves to their fans after a five-year absence.

With “Dikepese”, they are encouraging the sexually active to do the right thing and circumcise while “Bongwanake” is an advice on the importance of taking care of children and marriage. Bakaile said the group has been with African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnership (ACHAP) educating people about the importance of cutting their foreskins. “Our fans love the ‘Dikepese’ song which talks about the importance of circumcision and during the campaign it was easier for us to impart the information through music, ” he said.He said after their six-month campaign 2,000 men in the North- East underwent circumcision and they are proud for having been the instigators.


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