Dictionary project moves forward

Updated: January 28, 2014

Compiled by Stonehouse Maphosa

The much awaited dictionary of Zimbabwean Kalanga is reaching its final stages. The author, Ambassador Mabed Ngulani, held a workshop in Hillside, a Bulawayo suburb, on October 11 to gather input.

More than 500 words were reviewed, translated and defined by the panel of ten.

The meeting was an exciting moment of sharing of some of the baKalanga culture, as the audience enjoyed  ancient Kalanga words like mirijana, gumbutjende, and nsiyangwa.  Active participants were Mr Raphael Bhutshe and Miss Thamani Hikwa.

Kalanga Language and Cultural Development Assn. Secretary Tshidzanani T. Malaba pushed a motion regarding using the alphabet ‘x’ in place of consonants such as ‘h’ in the Kalanga orthography. However, this issue was suggested to be discussed in another meeting yet to be announced.

The workshop ended with a consensus by the panel that the dictionary was eligible for publication


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