BuKalanga Arts Festival

Updated: June 15, 2021

The United Kingdom Bukalanga Arts Festival that is held annually in the United Kingdom is set to revive the culture of the Kalanga people.

The event is set to be held on July 10 2021 at Nottingham near a village called Plumtree, which the UK diasporas say brings memories of their hometown. Speaking from the UK, United Kingdom Bukalanga Arts Festival organiser Difa WaJapi Dube said the event is set to be held physically and also virtually as they want to include every Kalanga-speaking person from all the corners of the world.

“It’s been six years since we started these gatherings, celebrating being Kalangas and we’re still going forward with the celebrations. It’s a good thing that we’re doing this because it gives other tribes opportunities to get to know us, our language, songs, food and other things better,” Difa was quoted.

lets brace to be part of this 2021 Kalanga event.


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