Kalanga must shake off the ‘Ndebele’ shadow says Moyo June 9, 2012

Reprinted from Bulawayo24. His recently-published book has stirred a hornet’s nest, attracting the ire of even those claiming to be fighting for the freedom of Matabeleland, but Ndzimu-unami Emmanuel Moyo remains undeterred. “The Rebirth of Bukalanga” accuses secessionist groups claiming to be fighting for the freedom of Matabeleland of failing Read more…

Reconstruction of the Kalanga history welcome but beware of distortions! June 1, 2012

by Mloyiswayizizwe Sokhela — reprinted from Bulawayo 24 (9 May 2012) I read with great fascination Ndzimu–Unami Moyo’s rendition of Kalanga history in his Chapter 1 installation in a Bulawayo24News edition. His consultation of sources was quite extensive (albeit not interpretively accurate) while his narration and arguments are fairly informative Read more…


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