KLCDA in 2020

Updated: March 23, 2020

THE Kalanga Language and Cultural Development Association (KLCDA) has continued to promote Kalanga culture and its  traditions. This  vision is part of the association to preserve Kalanga traditional and cultural practices.

A number of activities are always held in Plumtree as a way of preserving Kalanga culture and traditions. Some of the activities include traditional music dance, poetry, drama, Kalanga jazz and an exhibition of traditional foods under Qogelela expo.   

Every year we have  a line up of performances with  artists like Sotja Moyo, Honourable  Dingumuzi Phuti, Magwaza,  Dubia  Master’s,  Chase Skhuza and many more Kalanga artists.

Of all the events there is an Annual festival (Luswingo festival) whereby people gather at a heritage site to celebrate their tradition and cultural activities. Luswingo Cultural Festival was a way of retracing the steps of the Kalanga community to their cradle in Bulilima District.

This festival has done a lot but the problem is that some people misunderstand the purpose of the  event. Some people think once that event is done they are done  with promoting TjiKalanga and they relax for the rest of the year while there is a lot to be done to promote Kalanga  culture. 

Think of Kalanga literature, think of Kalanga Media, Think of passing the Kalanga button stick to the next generation , what of Secondary schools and our affected children who do not get a chance of being taught their mother Language.

Think about our children, the youth think of our history  think  about our current life think of our future are we going somewhere ? as a tribe or we have remained  stagnant. 

By Shelton Lubimbi 


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